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Some of trusty hands at work building some supports, Others behind the camera wondering why the other is holding a drill...

It's been a busy few weeks at Clydeside HQ as the team prepares Allander Bank for display at Model Rail Scotland this year. And while saying the end of February is still a month away it's a time that will fly in for the club.

With work required to strengthen some of the boards on the layout, track needing replaced, the scenic needing a touch up, the stock needing prepared, and the control system needing a full test, it's very easy to see how much we need to do.

The good news is the supports have been added in. This sadly required some of the track work on the bridge to be replaced and any scenic parts damaged in this needing attention. All of this is well under way and the results is a much smoother running over the bridge on the current tests.

The stock has seen a little work too and looks to be running well.
Another key part of any layout is the buildings which defines the scene. Having this right can make it instantly recognisable as to where it's set and it wouldn't be the Glasgow area without a tenement block built by one of our members.

As well as this all the buildings have been seeing some repairs and touchups to the spots they needed.

We look forward to showing the layout at Model Rail Scotland on the 23rd to 25th February. Make sure to come pay us a visit!