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This is our exhibit for the 2017 Model Rail Scotland exhibition to be held in the Scottish Exhibition Centre, Glasgow from 24 February until 26 February, 2017.

We have named the layout FERNESS after a small town along the Northern Scottish coast not far from MacDuff on which the track layout is loosely based.

Although the show date is now very close we still have a lot of finishing work to do:

The aluminium facias have just been cut to the land profiles but have still to be fitted.

The back scene has been exquisitely painted by one of our new members but still awaits final fitting.

The control panel wiring is at an advance stage but connections to the track sections remain to be completed.

Will we be ready? Of course! We are CLYDESIDE MRC 



Perhaps we will refurbish our USA layout WYNDER. (pictured to the right Photo: Heather Smith).

It gave us marvelous and long term use for several years after it was built. Unfortunately it hace been ignored for a long time. Yes it still exists and is an assembled state in our club room.

It could serve as a valued exhibit at some of the smaller exhibitions we go to. Or even make a return vist, after many years absence to our own exhibition at Cathcart

An alternative would be to pay some maintenance attention to our Swiss layout IRRGARTEN (pictured below photo Andrew Lothisn). A couple of trains have been run on the odd club night between the front platforms of Irrgarten tation and the rear platforms. Sound odd to say tha but such a run entails traversing two thirds of the layout.. These runs have all be made with the pantographs on the wire. The only reason the lower section, to the fiddle yard holding sidings  is a fault on the overhead in the lower tunnel. With that rectified full runing could once more be effected.