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So the website hasn't seen any updates due to the webmaster getting a bit lost in his travels. After a while I eventually admitted defeat and asked for directions to find out I was correct and should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque! Left turn taken I found myself in back in Europe in the town of Feierabendfur Kaffepause Bahn. Its a small town with a lovely narrow gauge railway that does wonders of the town. The sights were lovely but the highlight had to be the ladies waving goodbye while out bathing in the sun.

The connecting train then took me on to the Swiss town of Irrgarten where I again had a bit of time to spare. With the lovely views of the mountains I got lost walking around to see the sights. I lost track of the trains as they seemed to climb up and appear in random places. But I did get this lovely view before making my way home.

With my feet back in the UK I started to make my way back up north and was delighted to see my tip was a heritage steam trip behind 60009 Union of South Africa. It was great to see UK sights again on my way back to Glasgow to find out more exploits I’ve been missing from the Clydeside clubrooms.