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It’s been a while since the Clydeside MRC site has been updated and it has raised a number of questions about the location of the webmaster. Well After weeks been stuck in town of Ferness and only just managing to escape a holiday was urgently required, but not just yet.

Before I could go anywhere I had to stop by the clubrooms as we had an excellent visit from the Boys Brigade. It was the same group who donated the base layout thats now Tuerland that was built on an old door. It was excellent to see all the layouts in action with a range of stock covering all era’s and all parts of the world. By the looks of things everyone had an enjoyable time as can be seen in the photos. Clydeside is always happy to welcome visitors and if you would be interested just let us know via the ‘Contact Us’ page above.

With the visit now out the way though and after seeing all the layouts I was ready for that previously mentioned holiday and traveled all the way to the vast sandy landscapes of the Arizona desert with a stay in the Codgers Pass region. It was a great place to start with so little to distract me but yet the lengthy trains went past all day round the winding mountain landscape.

From the Santa Fe Traffic to the Union Pacific passenger server with the first lady giving me a wave at the back. I managed to get a shot as it crossed over the trestle bridge and round the corner.

Certainly worth a visit just on it’s own! But after a few days there I’m now moving back in to main land Europe. more to come from the traveling webmaster!