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Clydeside Model Rail Club

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As previously mentioned the members of Clydeside recently started the move to our new club rooms in Cresswell Lane. After a few long nights, many journeys in cars and vans, and some amazing help from both members and some friends everything was moved ahead of schedule. Once again we would like to thank everyone for their help during this.

With the move now complete we started on the harder task of getting the new club rooms set up. Layouts needing put up to allow us to start preparation for upcoming shows as well as ensuring a place to work and relax required careful planning, a bit of construction, a bit of destruction, and even some questions over a kitchen sink. But credit must go to the Clydeside planning department, the “planning disagreement committee” and the “people who’ll stay out of it, drink some tea, and then get called in to make it happen” committee who all (somehow) worked together to get this started.

As can be seen from the photo’s from Douglas the room is starting to look more like a model rail club again with a number of layouts being put in place for use. It’s amazing what can be achieved in a night but we still have plenty to organise. It will still take some time for the club to sort this all out, but in a couple of weeks we will again be happy for visitors/new members to come and see us. If you’re interested just drop us a message via the contact us page above.

The first photo's showing layouts being put up in the new clubroom. Meanwhile a club member scratches his head in confusion wondering where he packed the kettle.


A slight break away from the club happenings. While travelling around for work the webmaster made a small stop in King Cross, and it was nice to see a bit of railway history being appreciated with a statue of Sir Nigel Gresley having recently been put in.