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Following the current social contact advice from the government our club rooms will be closed until further notice. There will be no club meetings at the present time.
This weeks member's project comes from Bill with some detail of his lineside structures
ABOVE: A head house and silos kit. Building is complete and windows and doors painted.
A bit more detailing and final painting and signage to finish, plus some pipework to install to the adjacent mill building.

 ABOVE: A scratch built mill building to sit beside the silos kit with interconnecting pipework for the transfer of grain. Building is complete and primed. Again, some detailing, signage and final paint scheme to finish.


LEFT: Finally a small grain storage building, to sit lineside with the other structures. Detailing, signage and painting to do.


 To complement these buildings, an elevator, a feed and grain supplier, and another storage building still to be constructed. The group of buildings will be the basis of the industry sustaining a small agricultural town nearby.