Glasgow, Scotland 

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NOTE TO MEMBERS: Tuesday 20 August - The road outside and accessing our club room will be closed to traffic for maintenance. You will not be able to access Easterhouse road in front of our premises from the M8 motorway. Suggest you approach from the South and park in the railway station car park. Closure applies from 20.00 hrs until 06.00 hrs
Due to be shown at the Cathcart model railway exhibition (click Cathcart on the index bar for details.). The problems of faulty switches has been rectified.
  Your web master was strolling around the club room when he noticed two trains cycling the layout - at high speed - He was told they were bedding the track in after a long period of non usage.
As before we will let the children drive some of the trains when it is at the exhibition.


Unfortunately due to ill health the original lead worker on this project will be unable to continue with the development. The lead has now been taken by ne of our newer members who has been forging ahead with the work.

WE are  sticking to the  original design which has a small terminal station on an upper level (track work all now in place as seen in the right top of the picture to the left), and a goods facility for the fishing harbour on a lower level.

The track work for the harbour has been laid in place. However before it is permanently fixed to the base boards  we are waiting for a delivery of cork to place under the track. Delivery is promised for next week.

The picture (left) shows the extent of work so far,