Glasgow, Scotland 

Clydeside Model Rail Club

Model Railway Club in Scotland


Following the current social contact advice from the government our club rooms will be closed until further notice. There will be no club meetings at the present time.

With our club rooms closed until some time in the future there will be no new pictures from there. In place of them we are starting this new feature on the front page of our web site. Each week we will try to bring you some detail of what our members are doing while unable to come to the club nights and show us. We are starting off with some respray work which Frank is doing.
On the right are two locomotives which are undergoing a re-spray
.The front loco is a class 92. The one to the rear a class 73.
Both have been given a gloss spray of Caledonian Sleeper blue and will now await the application of decals. This will be delayed until Frank is able to meet Bryan who, although he does not know it yet will apply the appropriate markings.

A second project for Frank, he has several on the go - we will look at them in the weeks to come.

Don't  tell Cammy (our chairman),This  is the respray of two routemasters  , courtesy  of Neil  ,

Frank is giving them proper internal colours and passengers.

The 'sticks' in the picture are for an un-related and third project. More about that in weeks to come as the project progresses.