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I                                                                           EXTRA WEEKLY CLUB MEETINGS

Attendance at  our newly aranged afternoon club meetings has not been too promising. These afternoon meetings will continue until further notice and will be open to members every Thursday afternoon from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m. We invite all our members (Full and Associate) to take part if they wish.  However, if attendance is as low as it has been we can not justify the regular afternoon opening.


                                                            RE-FURBISHING WEST BOURNEGROOM 

In anticipation that this layout will be shown at our Cathcart 2022 exhibition some refurbishment work is being carried out.

First the platform white edge was painted randomly. Masking tape was then applied at a regular width along the platform edges. Finally the main surface area colour was applied (picture to the left) and the masking tape carefully removed.

Next the task of marking the flagstones which mark the platform edge was done using a 10mm wide piece of card and a pencil (picture to the right)  

                                       The overall effect of the lining and the flagstone marking is shown in the pictures below.


History @ Clydeside Model Railway Club

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